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Creating Awesome Digital Brands

At Foxelli Group, our mission is to embody the principles which we call F.A.C.T.

A set of core values that are a foundation of who we are and what we stand for as a company. Freedom, Adventure, Customers, and Tribe.

We work towards FREEDOM


We serve our CUSTOMERS

We love our TRIBE

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Talented go-getters




 Years of


Who We Are

We’re true go-getters who get a kick out of running from mediocrity.

Everything we do is a bit extravagant, some even might say impossible. However, we make it happen by always prioritizing self-development, discipline, and being exceptional 24/7. 


Not to brag, but we are on the verge of taking over the e-commerce world. Nah, we’re just playing. Unless….

Walk of Fame

Let’s take a look at what makes us extraordinary, shall we?


Simply the best!

You won’t ever catch us settling for anything less than exceptional. That’s why the entry-level is high and everyone on our team is a true master of their craft!

We go to the best conventions, study under world-renowned experts, and apply everything we learn to our day-to-day! Nobody’s got time for mediocrity here.


Counting Stars

With our multiple successful
e-commerce brands, we’ve created numerous products adored worldwide – tens of thousands of
5-star reviews can attest to that! 


Diamonds are forever

We always put our customers first! And being kind and caring pays off – our team is one of the top-rated customer service teams in Gorgias and has earned its way to the Diamond tier because they always serve our customers well and answer every ticket in under an hour.


This is what happens when you do what you love!


Our Morning Mantras 

When it comes to our core beliefs, we’re a group of like-minded people who have finally found where they belong.


This is what has allowed us to reach incredible success,

time and time again.

Be honest and clear

We’re big on transparent and efficient communication.


We’re aware that we can’t read each other's minds (yet) so having the cards out in the open is what allows us to keep on growing and continue to achieve success each day.

Always seek the truth

You know what we can’t get on board with?


Big egos and petty arguments. Instead, we focus on what’s right, not who’s right. Staying humble is the name of the game here. 


Less egos – more amigos!

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Move fast and stay hungry for more

We’re fast-adapting, fast-reacting, and fast-growing. We persevere through hard times and always come out with a lesson to share. 

Stay exceptional 24/7

At Foxelli, we share a fear of the mundane. The last thing we’d ever want to be is mediocre. That’s why our standard is to be exceptional at all times, no matter what we do.


Because of that, we’re proud to say that we have an unparalleled team that would turn any other company green with envy.

Value discipline and responsibility

Routine sets us free only because we’re the ones to choose it. If the regular 9-to-5 is right up your alley – no problem, see you at 9! If you're an early bird, a night owl, a midday power napper — don't change up your schedule on our account! No matter what time of day you thrive, everyone's welcome here.


With full responsibility and power over our time, we deliver incredible results right on schedule. But we also manage to cuddle dogs, make the best fettuccine alfredo of all time, read the latest bestselling novel, learn to DJ, and have plenty of time left for a glass of wine. Nothing beats a healthy balance. 


Trust and respect

Once you’re in, we’ve got your back.

We firmly believe in the power of a strong inner circle of team members. We strive to achieve the impossible, and we only get there by working together and building long-term relationships.


A strong team consists of two things: trust & respect. Respect means you accept all your team members’ differences and uniqueness. While trust goes both ways, meaning you have a firm belief in the reliability, ability, and strength of your team while you make sure you are trustworthy yourself, which means being vulnerable. There is courage in vulnerability, and what is courage if not greatness?

Integrity and freedom

At Foxelli, we live on our own terms while being part of something bigger!


Our formula is simple: Integrity and self-discipline = Freedom, we believe it is a core foundation for achieving real freedom in life, while supporting it with consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles.


We work hard and We celebrate big!

Meet the Crew

​Our remote heroes, that bring all the dreams to life!

Sounds like something right up your alley?

Brands That We've Built

A subscription box that encourages and teaches self-care, mindful living & spiritual growth.

Feature 1-1.png

High-end outdoor gear for both professionals and everyday users. Explore outdoors like never before!

Feature 1.png

Unique, premium, and tasty ramen noodles from Japan, China, and South Korea.

Feature 4.png

A subscription with fabrics, designs & inspirations for the best quilting experience.


A monthly box of premium essentials for knitting & crocheting, designed for fun and effortless crafting.


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